Why You Need Protection from These Types of Malware

Why You Need Protection from These Types of Malware

A dental practice needs to take special care about safeguarding data from cyberattacks. A breach can lead to sensitive patient data getting into the hands of undesirable third parties. It can shut down your systems until you can resolve the issue and put a dent in your dental practice’s income as well as reputation.

The startling fact is that most such practices need to be made aware of the need for regular network security monitoring and stringent anti-malware protection. This is very important for you because a variety of malware types can affect your business in different ways.



The one you may be familiar with is adware. It is the software you have not opted for that shows up ads on your screen. Adware collects personal info as you browse and uses it to customize more ads to show you, thus breaching your privacy.


Unlike adware, spyware can cause active damage by stealing away critical data from your devices, such as passwords, bank information, and credit card information. Even your browsing data can be misused in many ways, and spyware collects this as well.


Trojans are dangerous too. They come disguised as legitimate software so that you will download them onto your system, and then they take control.


A dental practice with sensitive patient data must be conscientious about ransomware. Your critical files get encrypted by ransomware, and unless you pay up, they are not accessible to you.  


If you have a network of devices or your staff connects to the network, you should also safeguard against worms. They infect all the connected devices and bring down an entire network. They can become a launchpad for cyberattacks on your business, steal your data or even cause a ransomware freeze of your systems.

How to safeguard yourself

With so many kinds of malware threatening you, you have to take the right steps to protect your business and your patients from unauthorized access to records. It is not enough for you to carry out a random check periodically. Even anti-virus is not quite enough to eliminate the whole array of malware. It would be best if you had professional network security solutions in place to detect and reject such types of malware even before they can affect your systems.

Once this is done, you must have regular network security monitoring to sweep your devices and network for risks. The network security specialist who installs these will address any concerns that are red-lighted at each network security monitoring session.


What you should know is that there is no single solution that can give you complete and comprehensive protection for all of the above. Also, malware keeps evolving too, so you need to stay updated on what is new and how it can impact you. These things are too critical to be overlooked and too complex to risk doing them on your own. Call in an expert network security specialist and let them take charge of protecting your data and servers from all kinds of cybersecurity challenges.

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