Why SEO still matters in 2020

Why SEO still matters in 2020

Priority Networks Inc. (, a Toronto-based computer network company that offers customized search engine optimization and is weighing in on the relevance of SEO in 2020. The article written by Alex Valencia shares how SEO still matters in 2020 and how even though algorithms change frequently, there is still a strong place for search engine optimization. (Source: Why SEO still matters in 2020, Forbs site, by Alex Valencia, March 10, 2020;


Alex Valencia shares that with countless marketing strategies existing in today’s world, it may be challenging to determine whether SEO or SEM is still a relevant strategy. Although methods are changing and updating, SEO holds its value. Alex highlights an example, Googles 2019 BERT update purposed that companies should provide content based on search intent instead of keywords. Massimo from Priority Network agrees, “change is inevitable. The decision to keep up with the changes is a choice. Companies should understand SEO will always trump traditional marketing strategies. It is essential to be open-minded and be comfortable with change as Google is forever evolving.”


Alex Valencia states for locally focused businesses, search engine optimization, is crucial. Local SEO encourages potential customers, clients, business associates in your surrounding area to choose your establishment over your competitors. Massimo agrees, “as the article states, Google tailors search results according to location. When executed correctly, SEO will support your web traffic, therefore allowing your company to take the lead in your respected industry. Consumers are researching with intention, and your potential customers/clients intend to find you.”  


SEO maintains relevance in 2020 through users searching with intent instead of overusing keywords within pieces of content. Searching with intent proves which content is most valuable and will sustain the users’ attention, leading them to a significant role within the buying cycle. Massimo from Priority Networks expresses, “in my opinion, keywords are essential. Incorporating certain words or phrases will definitely assist with ranking. The focus has now shifted to incorporating engaging content that is suited or customized towards a user search now adds to your ranking as well. Search engine optimization is not one sided. It must incorporate multiple aspects such as location, engaging and valuable content, backlinks, media images, and so much more, in order to surpass the competitors and create organic searches.”


Alex Valencia shares the benefit of using a multiple channel approach to marketing. No matter how many times Google changes its algorithms or how many times SEO methods evolve, search engine optimization is tried and true. It continues to hold its reputation as the most effective marketing strategy. Massimo explains, “SEO does not replace other advertising methods. However, it is cost-effective. It strengthens credibility, and rankings increase with organic searches, therefore pushing your competitors out of the spotlight.”


Paid advertisements, email spam, and cold calling deter your audience, encouraging them to search elsewhere or lean toward your competitor. Search engine optimization enhances a search where the audience is already looking for the brand, product, or service. Alex explains SEO is a form of inbound marketing; other traditional pushy sales tactics discourage most consumers. SEO still matters in 2020 due to its ability to generate traffic leads, naturally. Massimo agrees, “pushy sales tactics will discourage anyone. SEO continues to serve as a reliable marketing strategy, enhancing brand awareness and establishing a relationship with your audience in 2020 and for years to come.”

Massimo DeRocchis

My life has been surrounded with computers since I was a child, from my first job as a Computer Assembly Assistant to the current ownership of Priority Networks, a dental focused networking company. Starting with an Apple computer connecting to other networks when I was only 13 years old, I quickly knew this passion would lead to bigger ventures. As the internet started to evolve, I immediately worked for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This gave me insight to the power of worldwide internet communications and the capabilities of sharing data across multiple networks simultaneously. The dedication towards this field has given me the advantage of understanding new technologies and grasping complicated issues quickly from software, hardware, networking, security, management and much more. As a Computer Network Manager for Tesma International, a division of Magna International, I gained the experience of becoming a qualified NAI Network Sniffer, EDI Communications Specialist, Head Securities Manager, MRP Manufacturing Integration Manager, and received several enhanced managerial and technological training courses. Moving forward to today, I apply all my knowledge, training and years of solid network experience to deliver the very best support to all my customers at Priority Networks.