What to Look For in a Printer

What to Look For in a Printer

An office printer is essential whether you have a small business, a prominent IT company, a medium-sized IT support company, or an IT services start-up. Office printers are useful for scanning and printing critical documents such as employee information, company policies, and other documents. If you want to purchase a new printer for your company, this article provides advice on identifying the right printer.

 Before purchasing a printer, consider these points

What are your printer needs?

Are you looking for a printer to print text-based documents or looking to print high-quality images? If your printer needs are to print text-based documents, then laser printers are the best option. On the other hand, if your printer requirements are to print high-quality photos, then the Inkjet printer is the best bet.

What is your office size?

Buying a single desktop printer is sufficient if you are a small business company with a few computers. On the other hand, purchasing multiple desktop printers would be a good option if you are a big company with a decent number of systems.

How frequently do you use the printer?

If you want to print in high volumes daily, look for a printer with a deeper tray. A deeper tray typically holds up to 1000 pages, making it ideal for regular use. On the other hand, if you or your staff use the printer occasionally, a 150 pages tray printer will be sufficient.

How many printers do you need for your office?

If you have a good number of people in your office and your office is quite busy, then purchasing multiple desktop printers is the best option. Sharing a single desktop printer in a considerable office certainly affects productivity, while with numerous printers, it doesn’t.

Do you require a color printer?

If your company requires printing high-quality images as part of your business, then a color printer is necessary. Inkjets printers are the best color printers available in the market and are best suited for businesses.

Do you require other functions such as scanning?

If you want other features such as scanning, faxing, etc., some printers offer such features. Consider purchasing an all-in-one printer.

Types Of Printers Available

All-In-One Printers

Many small businesses and start-ups invest in all-in-one printers because of their multi-functionality. It is a device consisting of multiple features like scanning, printing, faxing, and more. Having such devices save companies a significant amount of money.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are best suited for companies that perform a vast volume of printing every day. The USP of these printers is their fast-printing speed. Ideally, these printers are suited for printing text-based documents, but they even print photo documents. A single cartridge can print anywhere between 2,500 and 10,000 pages before replacement.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are ideal for high-quality photo and graphic printing. Although they are good at printing high-quality images, they also print text documents.

Single Function Printers

Single-function printers are best suited for companies that do not require additional features other than printing. These printers tend to give high-quality prints.

Features To Look For In A Printer


Some businesses look for a multifunctional printer. Companies that already have a fax machine and scanner don’t require a multifunctional printer. Based on your requirements, select either a multifunctional or single-function printer.

Image Quality

If you’re a design company dealing with producing high-quality images, think of printers with quality photo prints. See that whatever printer you’re looking for can print large photos. One such printer that prints high-quality images is an Inkjet printer.

Print Speed

Print speed matters if you’re printing a high volume of documents. The speed is measured as pages per minute(PPM). While purchasing a printer, you’ll find the PPM rate on the box. The rate indicates the number of pages the printer prints in one minute.

Maintenance And Maintenance Cost

Ensure that you have enough maintenance budget for your printer. Pick the printer that suits your maintenance budget. Printers like laser printers require more maintenance costs than Inkjet printers. Plus, laser printers are much more expensive than Inkjets. However, Inkjet cartridges don’t last for a long time, but laser printer toner cartridges do.

Wireless Function

Another feature that you need to look into is wireless connectivity. If your entire office staff requires printing facilities, then a printer with a Wi-fi function allows you to do it. Wireless-enabled printers will enable you to print documents remotely via multiple devices.

There are wide varieties of office printers available in the market. Picking the right printer for your office can be difficult. Today’s article gives a detailed explanation of what features to look for in a printer. At Priority Networks Inc, we offer Epson printers. We believe in the quality and outstanding performance of the WorkForce Pro WF-C579R. The WorkForce Pro WF-C579R network MFP offers high-productivity colour printing that’s easy on the budget. Powered by PrecisionCore® inkjet technology, this compact MFP features a Replaceable Ink Pack System with Extra High-capacity packs that can deliver enough ink to print up to 50,000 ISO pages black/20,000 ISO colour before changing the packs. It produces pro-quality prints — fast — with speeds of 24 ISO ppm and without having to wait for warmup. It also features a 50-page ADF and auto 2-sided printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. This system support makes it ideal for shared printing on a network, while its open platform allows for seamless integration with enterprise applications.


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