What should dental IT support look like

What should dental IT support look like

The growth of your dental practice immensely depends upon the enhancement of your service quality. This is where IT support finds its way into the dental practice industry.

The Difference

When you search for an IT company to service your dental clinic, it is recommended to pick a company specializing in dental-focused IT networking, IT support, and solutions.

The IT needs for dentistry are considerably different from any other industry, even from other healthcare practices. Thus, hiring any generic IT services provider will not do the job for you. To take complete responsibility for your IT solutions, your vendor must be familiar with your specific needs.

Hence, hiring a professional providing dental IT support will eventually make the desired difference by taking on complete responsibility and taking the headache off your IT sector.

Traits and Services


With good communication skills being a priority, your IT support service provider should hold strong professionalism with a customer-focused working mentality.

Proactive maintenance service:

Your IT company should have the efficiency to maintain any hardware or networking-related issues without hassle. For example, suppose any hardware part is broken or a prevalent email problem. In that case, your IT professional has to fix such issues effectively and proactively.

Software support:

In most cases, your IT services provider did not create the software program used in your clinic. However, a professional and experienced IT network company should still hold the capability to understand the software programs and integrate all the components efficiently.

Data Cabling and Installation:

An IT expert has an extensive understanding of choosing the appropriate shielded cables for compliance and maneuvering wires to not interfere with physical structures while avoiding magnetic interference.

Furthermore, he should have efficient code-building and blueprint-reading knowledge.

Network Management:

Your IT support services should be able to handle the issues when your networking system goes down. This way, there is no anarchical situation when you can’t access important files and documents related to your patients.

Network Security Solutions:

Since dental offices store confidential private information related to the patients, it is crucial to protect them from any cyber threat at all costs. A professional dental IT services provider always makes sure that your patient-related data and information are safe with up-to-date security software and the required tools to protect them.

The Advantages of Working with a Professional Dental Focused IT Company

Provides a Competitive Advantage:

By having a professional IT expert, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the advances of the latest dental technology, including new software, upgrades to existing infrastructure, cabling, and dental network security installations. Enhancing the quality of your overall dental services will help you with patient retention and bring in new clients.

Improves Patient Experience:

Outsourcing expert IT professionals will allow you to scale the efficiency of your dental practices. When your dental service is available online with your website ending with the billing cycle, it enhances the patient experience. A satisfied patient will recommend others, thereby leading you towards more profitability.

Delivers a Return on Investment:

Hiring an IT company will offer you a good return on your investment. Using the latest technology and equipment improves your staff efficiency and improves your office workflow. Moreover, your IT professional will carefully fix any prospective issues at the very beginning, which eliminates any office disruption and extended periods of downtime.

Indeed, hiring a dental-focused IT company is not an expense it is an investment. But before hiring one, make sure they will provide you with the abovementioned traits and services to increase your service quality.

Massimo DeRocchis

My life has been surrounded with computers since I was a child, from my first job as a Computer Assembly Assistant to the current ownership of Priority Networks, a dental focused networking company. Starting with an Apple computer connecting to other networks when I was only 13 years old, I quickly knew this passion would lead to bigger ventures. As the internet started to evolve, I immediately worked for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This gave me insight to the power of worldwide internet communications and the capabilities of sharing data across multiple networks simultaneously. The dedication towards this field has given me the advantage of understanding new technologies and grasping complicated issues quickly from software, hardware, networking, security, management and much more. As a Computer Network Manager for Tesma International, a division of Magna International, I gained the experience of becoming a qualified NAI Network Sniffer, EDI Communications Specialist, Head Securities Manager, MRP Manufacturing Integration Manager, and received several enhanced managerial and technological training courses. Moving forward to today, I apply all my knowledge, training and years of solid network experience to deliver the very best support to all my customers at Priority Networks.