What is a product feature page?

What is a product feature page?

A product feature page is part of the e-commerce website you own. The E-commerce portion of a website is encouraging the call-to-action allowing a purchase to be done electronically. When selling a product or service, you need to showcase the item and highlight the feature to secure the consumers’ decision to purchase. A product feature page will display information, and images of the product or service.


What information should be displayed on a product feature page

An online store requires just as much detail as the traditional brick and mortar. A product or service description should include as much detail as if a customer were to walk into a store and speak directly to a sales representative. When building a product page, determining which features to highlight is dependent upon the product and service. Speaking to a professional web developer or your SEO content writer can offer some advice and help you decide which features to showcase.


A product description page should include but is not limited to the following:


High-resolution images of the product or service, your customers want to know what they are purchasing. Photos or videos must be clear to view.


Product dimensions, ensuring the customer has confidence in knowing the size of the item.


Materials used or ingredients, it is essential to list these features due to health and safety measures or lifestyle choices.


Warning or disclaimers, this can include indicating age restrictions, health, or medical warnings.

If a health issue arises or misuse causes any harm or injury, a warning or disclaimer is your defensive measure.


How to use the product, incorporating a demonstration, or detailed instructions is essential, similarly to services. Potential customers want to know what to expect from a service or how to prepare for a service.


Benefits of the product or service, highlighting the benefits, encourages the consumer to purchase.  


Testimonials or reviews assist with the purchase decision. Before securing a purchase, consumers want to know what others have experienced.  


Payment options or promotional offers, discount rates, coupons codes are a great feature to include on a product page. The benefit of promoting offers on a product feature page include stock turnover rate increases, establish customer loyalty, and achieve sale goals.


When your company develops a new product or offers a new service, the product page can feature the promotion. As your company grows, so will your inventory. Launching new products come with growth. Letting your audience know about a product launch encourages sales. It feeds consumers with excitement as they have something new to look forward to.  

Additional links to downloadable files that may include an in-depth explanation of instructions or guidelines. Especially if the product or service is a bit complicated and requires further guidance.


The goal and benefits of a product feature page

Be offered, be found, and secure purchase. A search engine must have easy access to your website in order to provide the result to your audience. Your audience must be able to find and navigate your webpages easily. Complicated navigation or a simple product page can deter a potential customer. Using keywords, vivid images, and having engaging content will increase your chances of being found when searched. The main goal is to land a sale while encouraging the consumer to return. A website should offer an easy shopping experience. The benefit of a product feature page is showcasing all the elements that will secure a sale. Suppose you are looking to increase revenue, then adding detailed product pages is what you need. An SEO content writer will curate customized product pages to support your e-commerce website.


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