Types Of Content That Increase Traffic Leads

Types Of Content That Increase Traffic Leads

Improving organic traffic to your website through SEO services is essential to increase product sales and growing your business. But to do this, creating the right kind of quality content is vital.

Traffic, leads, and sales!

Many customers now love to purchase products online rather than in a physical store. This makes it important to drive traffic to your product pages.

The purchasing cycle of a customer has different stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Purchase,
  • Re-purchase

The content comes from the first stage, awareness. At this stage, the customer has an issue and searches for a solution online. The client will be interested in your product if your content can give them a feasible solution to the problem.

Many of your target audience may not see your content, especially when you promote it on one platform and will quickly move on to the next. This is why content amplification is important. It exposes the same content to the audience in multiple ways to increase leads. The steps in content amplification include the following:

  • Determine the marketing channels best suited to promote your content and product, depending on the target audience. Also, determine the content format suited for the platform you have chosen.
  • Create one foundational piece of content and design all your other content around this piece, with SEO optimization to get maximum outreach.
  • Optimize your content and cross-promote all your content channels by giving internal links wherever possible.

Types of content

The different types of content include:

Written content 

Written content can be either short or long. Long-form content like eBooks, reports, and white papers gives detailed directions to customers. Backlinks can also be used to guide them to other relevant pages. Short-form content can be used to create keyword-optimized, helpful, and compelling blog posts to drive traffic to your website.

Audio and video content

This type of content can be used to target customers who are not patient enough to read long articles. Content like demos and tutorial videos will make the audience aware of your products. You can also create testimonial videos to increase trust in your brand. Audio content like the podcast will help you connect with prospective clients at all times.

Social media content

Social media content like eye-catching posts, shorts, and video ads can attract people easily and can be converted into leads using CTAs. You can also conduct polls, quizzes, and similar activities to create interest in your brand.

SEO content tips

SEO is a method to increase organic traffic to your website. An SEO company will be able to design the marketing strategy needed for each piece of content. Written content needs to be keyword optimized to have a higher rank in Google searches. When you post videos on TikTok or YouTube, tag them with relevant keywords. You can also embed them into your website’s optimized pages. Give relevant titles to podcasts to attract listeners. Social media content can be promoted using SEO-optimized and keyword-enriched post captions and relevant hashtags.


Content is an important aspect that affects leads and sales. Create unique and compelling content to drive organic traffic to your website. Need the helping hand of an SEO company? Contact Priority Networks Inc today!

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