Top Essential Components Of SEO

Top Essential Components Of SEO

SEO is an important marketing strategy that helps companies build a successful online business. Since about 59% of individuals utilize the internet worldwide, businesses and companies providing SEO services can leverage it to build their brands.

The essential components of an SEO strategy include the following:

Industry, target audience, and competitors  

An effective SEO strategy should be based primarily on your industry and target audience. You should also take into consideration the SEO techniques implemented by your competitors. Since around 90% of people buy products through Google searches, having a good SEO strategy will increase traffic to your website. A qualified SEO company will be able to strategize an effective SEO technique suitable for your industry and audience.

Content and platforms 

According to search engines, producing high-quality content is the optimal way to obtain a high keyword ranking and provide a satisfying user experience. The content should be helpful and relevant, and the word count should be between 1500 and 2000 to be visible in searches. Studies indicate that Google’s top-ranked pages typically have 1447 words. It is also essential to make websites suitable for viewing on all platforms since around 51% of users discover new products using their smartphones. A skilled SEO company will be able to optimize your content using a high-quality SEO tool so that your page ranks higher in Google searches.

Analytics and reports

SEO analytics and reports give essential insights into users’ search patterns by providing information on aspects like web traffic, conversion rates, and top-performing web pages. By using these analytics, an SEO company will be able to understand how effective the present strategy is and model a better strategy for you.

On-page and off-page SEO

On-page SEO focuses on optimizing the elements of your website to achieve a higher rank in Google searches. Use more specific long-tail keywords. Studies show that around 91.8% of searches on Google are long keywords. Page loading speed is also critical since a staggering 47% of visitors anticipate launching websites in less than 2 seconds. Around 40% of visitors leave a website if it takes longer to load. If it takes more than 3 seconds, the visitor will lose interest.

Off-page SEO concentrates on everything that can be done off your webpage to achieve the maximum SERP ranking. Link building is integral to this, especially backlinks to high-ranked websites. Create backlinks by sending out news releases about intriguing companies on a monthly basis. Contact well-known bloggers in your industry to see if you can collaborate to obtain a link from their webpage. Invite famous bloggers to do guest blogs on your website. Build brand awareness using social media platforms and ads.


People love content with images. Posts or blogs with images get twice as many shares compared to those without images. Many users also look for “image” results. If you have high-quality product images on the company website and their names have relevant keywords, your images might rank higher. Use keywords in the image alt text to improve accessibility, context, and SEO optimization. An SEO company has the skill set to optimize the file name so that your photos rank higher.


SEO is a magical tool that can be used to increase online presence, brand awareness, and sales. Take the help of an SEO company to improve your search ranking results. Contact Priority Networks Inc today and inquire about our SEO packages!

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