The Speed of SEO

The Speed of SEO

Priority Networks shares insight on valuable details regarding the speed of SEO and its complimenting components. (Source: Forbes, Why Can’t SEO Go Faster?, Damon Burton, September 21, 2022, ).

Search Engine Optimization and SEO strategy have become the most valuable tools to keep your virtual presence relevant to your audience and capable of delivering ROIs to you. However, getting digital marketing in SEO right is most important. Experts underline how following the wrong strategies can do more harm than good. In a Forbes article, Damon Burton reiterates how picking up the SEO strategy pace too fast and too early may be detrimental.

Cautioning against simply going with the ‘most searched’ terms to optimize for, Burton mentions how Google no longer provides organic search volume data. SEO company Priority Networks

has a similar view, “It is important to study your unique audience and then determine the keywords to use for your pages. Also, it is necessary to lay a foundation of SEO strategy research for identifying both singular and long tail keywords and then use them judiciously in your pages.”

The article talks about understanding buyer intent, and Priority Networks heartily agrees. “Knowing what the customer is looking for when they type in a particular keyword is a crucial aspect of digital marketing in SEO. This helps you guide the potential customer to the right page of your website where they can find exactly what they want. This improves conversion rate,” they explain. There’s a side benefit as well, the SEO company says. “The more time the customer spends on your page because they find the content a good match for his need, the more Google is convinced the keyword fits you well.”

Priority Networks goes on to highlight that, “Make sure your commercially significant pages contain the keywords you discovered based on buyer intent analysis. This could mean your homepage, your pricing page, and more.”

Many brands make the mistake of following a fast-paced, volume-rich backlinking strategy, and this could backfire, as the article explains. Priority Networks elaborates on this and says, “Backlinks work like a third-party vote of confidence in your brand. That’s the good part. But overdo it, and you could be in trouble. When you have too many backlinks to your pages that are being created automatically with no editorial supervision, it can backfire spectacularly. Google frowns upon this strategy, which is the part most brands are unaware of.”

It is evident that a brand that needs help with digital marketing in SEO must find an SEO company that knows the subject in and out. Partnering with the wrong SEO experts can cause your ranking to plummet instead of taking you to the top of search results pages. Unscrupulous SEO firms often resort to aggressive backlink-building campaigns that can very easily result in Google penalizing the brand.

Priority Networks suggests ‘taking it slow.’ “Wait for the backlinks to grow organically by first focusing on building your reputation as an authority in your niche. While this might take time, it will safeguard you from the potential pitfalls. It will also get your backlinks that are valuable and enduring.”


Priority Networks is a well-established SEO Company that has shared its input and has been invaluable to many brands in boosting their online traffic and conversion rates.

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