The relationship between SEO and social media

The relationship between SEO and social media

Marketing is an essential part of making every business successful. But the face of marketing has evolved a lot with the invention of digital devices and the internet. This is what brings social media and SEO to the forefront of marketing strategies.


Understanding social SEO

Social SEO or social media SEO refers to the practice of incorporating both SEO strategies and social media to increase organic traffic to your website, search engine visibility, and conversions. Social SEO optimization can be done by in-house teams or an SEO company.

In social media marketing, businesses post and optimize their content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In SEO, the aim is to make the blogs or websites of the business easily discoverable in Google searches. SEO helps people who are seeking terms or inquiries about goods or themes connected to your sector find your website in search results.


Separate entities or similar strategies?

The main question that arises during planning marketing strategies is whether SEO and social media are similar or separate entities.

How does SEO help social media efforts?

Despite being two vastly distinct approaches, SEO optimization and social media strategies can work well together. While SEO enables you to drive organic traffic to your website through questions related to your company, social media helps users find brands or content that they may find interesting. Both of these effectively increase traffic to your website.

Does social media affect SEO?

Although social media doesn’t directly affect SEO rankings, sharing links on social media sites can help your brand get more visibility. Social media affects SEO by:

  • distributing content extensively
  • keeping posts relevant for a long time
  • increasing organic traffic and online visibility
  • increasing brand awareness
  • enhancing brand reputation
  • boosting local SEO

Working toward the same goal, or does one outweigh the other 

Both social media marketing and SEO work toward the same purpose. People use search engines to find answers and social media websites to discover things they may have never even considered before. Both work towards information gathering.


The goal is brand visibility.

SEO is helpful in targeting a specific audience. Combining it with backlinking and promoting content through social media will increase your brand’s visibility.

Combining social media and SEO for improved results

Both social media and SEO can be integrated effectively for improved outcomes using some simple tips:

Align your social media and content teams

Social media and SEO strategies should be integrated consistently so that they complement one another. This is easily possible by hiring a company that provides SEO services. An SEO company will have dedicated teams that are well-versed in this process.

Optimize SEO content for sharing

Create content that you can easily share on your social handles. This means producing social media-friendly material that is optimized for search engines from the outset. It should have exciting quotes, charts, or similar elements that continue to make sense when taken out of the context of the post.


Provide links in your social handles that direct them to your website. Similarly, embed your social media status updates and posts in your blogs.

Easily shareable posts

It is crucial to create easily shareable content and blog posts. Choose relevant quotes, then create links to share them on social media automatically with just one click. Search engines will receive stronger signals from a post the more often it is posted on social media platforms.

Use same keywords

Identify the keyword the target audience uses and then employ them in your social media posts and blogs. This will improve search engine rankings.


Both social media and SEO have unique strengths. But a marketer can combine these two strategies to improve brand visibility and sales. Combining them will let you enjoy the positive effects of both. Contact Priority Networks today for information on our SEO services.

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