The Myths of Fiber Cleaning

The Myths of Fiber Cleaning

Priority Networks Inc weighs in on the top myths surrounding fiber cleaning. (Source: Broadband Communities Magazine, Three Myths of Fiber Cleaning, Jay Tourigny, May/June 2019, ).

Fiber cleaning has several myths associated with it. As the world needs greater connectivity and IT solutions grow, properly maintaining the fiber network becomes all the more critical. However, due to certain myths, many people in the industry are still apprehensive about fiber cleaning.

In the article presented by Broadband Communities Magazine, author, Jay Tourigny, talks about the top three myths associated with fiber cleaning and talks about them in detail.

Jay Tourigny begins the article by mentioning that many installation technicians and their managers don’t want to spend resources on cleaning fiber connections. They are disinclined to spend excessive money and time on this. Priority Networks Inc agrees with him. As per Priority Networks Inc, “the common myths have made the IT support services experts believe that spending time and money on fiber cleaning is unnecessary.”

Three common myths of fiber cleaning

Myth number 1: There is nothing that needs to be cleaned

Most technicians believe the first myth is that there is nothing to be cleaned in fiber networks.

Jay Tourigny says that when it comes to fiber networks, there’s always a need to clean them properly. Contamination of the fiber optic connector is a massive threat to its efficient performance. He further says that each new fiber should be properly tested and cleaned. This will ensure that the containment has been removed from it.

Priority Networks Inc supports Jay Tourigny and shares, “to ensure high performance of fiber networks; it is best to remove all the contaminants like dust, dead skin, oils and lint is crucial. Just like microscopic germs affect our immune system, microscopic debris can ruin the integrity “immune” of the fiber networks. ”

Myth number 2: Fiber cleaning is costly and time-consuming

Jay Tourigny says that technicians feel pressured to work as quickly as possible due to the growing need for connectivity. Thus, they think fiber cleaning will consume a lot of their time and cost.

But in reality, fiber cleaning only takes a few seconds and costs pennies, claims Jay Tourigny. Priority Networks Inc agrees to this and adds, “inspections, cleaning, and general maintenance can be done quickly with the correct tools and understanding of the material. As Jay Tourigny states, the cost and time spent on it is nothing compared to what technicians would have to spend repairing, preparing, and cleaning damaged connectors and splices.”

Myth number 3: Fiber cleaning doesn’t require any special tools

Jay Tourigny says the technicians must use optical-grade fabric wipes specifically meant for fiber cleaning. Priority Networks Inc agrees with Tourigny. Priority Networks Inc further comments, “understanding the equipment, hardware, cables, and fibers you are cleaning is a big part of the maintenance picture. Therefore, an IT service company is better equipped to maintain fiber cleaning.”

Jay Tourigny suggests the use of the following tools for fiber cleaning:

  • Optical-grade cleaning fluid: These are fast-drying fluids and can speed up the cleaning process.
  • Fabric wipes: These wipes are more absorbent and can clean the contamination quickly and effectively. Priority Networks Inc suggests, ” it is never recommended to cut corners when dealing with fiber cleaning and other data cabling equipment. As Jay Tourigny mentions, the designated wipes should never be reused as you risk cross-contamination.”
  • Fabric-tipped cleaning sticks: These sticks are designed for cleaning clean bulkhead connectors. Jay Tourigny recommends that technicians must moisten the tips of these sticks with some optical-grade cleaning fluid before using.


Jay Tourigny claims that clean, efficient, and reliable fiber optic networks are essential for a highly interconnected future. Priority Networks Inc suggests, “proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary for the optimum performance of any network. Technicians must keep their fiber connections clean and well-maintained. When choosing the right tools and supplies for fiber cleaning, consulting with an IT services company or expert is a wise choice.”

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