The anatomy and benefits of a VoIP phone system

The anatomy and benefits of a VoIP phone system

Priority Networks weighs in on the anatomy of a VoIP phone system and its benefits. (Source: Forbes, Pete Hanlon, August 19, 2021, )

Priority Networks Inc, an IT services firm, has been offering VoIP phone communication systems. There is no doubt that VoIP has created a revolution in the world of telecommunications. VoIP phones use the internet to provide telephone services, eliminating the use of traditional cabling. This has made communication systems much more effortless while offering a wide range of exciting benefits.

Being an IT solutions provider, Priority Networks Inc has always believed that IP phones working on the VOIP technology offer many benefits. Our company has always advocated the increased use of this technology for both businesses and consumers. The multiple benefits that Priority Networks Inc believes would come from VoIP are:

Enhanced Security

When VoIP IT services are provided by a professional company like Priority Networks Inc, they will use the latest technologies to ensure that the system is secure. End-to-end encryption is offered to ensure that any other party cannot intercept the data that travels over the internet. Only the caller and the receiver can listen to the voice because of the real-time decryption done.


Versatility is a key benefit that makes VoIP phone systems highly sought after. It is not just useful for telephone calls but can also be used for videoconferencing. This makes it an effective and powerful tool for businesses that need to have regular video conference meetings with their teams, customers, partners, and other entities. Different media formats can be used during the videoconference, making it very convenient for communication.

Smooth connection to other devices

VOIP allows for smooth and seamless connectivity with other devices. The call over the VoIP phone network can be transferred either to a desk phone, mobile phone, or a tablet as per your requirements.

Price point

Calls made using a VoIP phone are definitely cheaper as compared to conventional phone calls. Since the internet is used for signal transmission, it helps to reduce costs. Now, how would this be possible? The answer is simple. The calls would appear for both the caller and the receiver at the local exchange rate. The users will get a VoIP phone number that is not connected to a landline.

While conventional telephone operators charge based on the minutes of a call, VoIP charges are based on what your internet service provider bills you. Some providers even offer free calling as a part of their services.

Mobility and global access

Mobility is a significant benefit of VoIP phone systems. You don’t need a unique number allotted to each phone. This means you can add any phone to your VoIP network. You can even shift your location easily and quickly without worrying about changing numbers.

VoIP phone systems can be used to connect with your stakeholders wherever they are in the world. You can talk for any amount of time without having to worry about the phone bill.

The multiple benefits that VoIP phone communication offers make it the best communication technology to use. This is why Priority Networks Inc has been striving to provide the best quality VoIP phone communication systems to businesses and consumers. Availing these services helps users get seamless telecommunication services at reduced prices.

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