Network Sniffing

Have an issue that no networking company can solve? Unexplained slow speed during certain times of day? Is your networks data truly secure? Is there a hacker in your network?

Any of these concerns can be addressed using a professional network sniffer from Priority Networks. 24 hour surveillance of all data internally and externally will be captured by our systems. Then a professional analysis of the data will pin point the issue or computer/persons responsible for network interruption or manipulation. No matter how complicated the issues is or who is behind the network sabotage, you can NEVER, EVER hide from a Network Sniffer.


  • Is a new connection, server or node not performing as you expected?
  • Blindly upgrading your network?
  • Employee’s using uneccessary bandwidth on company time?
  • Is your network not configured to run as fast as it can perform?
  • Unsure of the securities in place?
  • Unanswered or unexplainable issues with your network?
  • Do You have a hacker?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you need a Professional Sniffer! Let the professionals at Priority Networks Inc. SOLVE your network concerns.