SEO and Advertising

SEO and Advertising

There is no arguing that advertisement and SEO should work in tandem to improve a brand’s or business’s visibility in Google searches. Online visibility is essential for a business to succeed in today’s digital world. Chris Siebeneck, a VP at the award-winning SEO company SEO Werkz, discusses in detail how advertising and SEO should work together for businesses to rank as Google’s top response to user inquiries.

Siebeneck is confident that advertisements on platforms like Instagram and Facebook should give users suggestions for what they need or want. This will motivate users to research more about your products.

Priority Networks is of the opinion that SEO optimization can be used to create advertisements suitable for social media handles with the help of an SEO company.

Siebeneck provides a three-pronged approach to integrate SEO into your marketing to stay competitive. (Source: Forbes, 3 Ways Your SEO And Advertising Need To Work Together, Chris Siebeneck, June 8, 2022, ).


Website optimization

Siebeneck suggests that when businesses place ads on their websites, these should relate to the keywords they are trying to rank for. This should be an important focus of website optimization, according to him. Siebeneck elucidates by using an example of an ad for sofas for tiny spaces. Siebeneck says that the website should be optimized in such a way that it will turn up in a Google search where the user searches using the keyword “sofas for tiny spaces.” Siebeneck advises ensuring the ad drives traffic to your website prior to other websites. In this manner, both your SEO and advertising may directly impact one another.

Priority Networks is confident that this optimization based on keyword-related searches can be appropriately handled by professionals providing SEO services. These experts are familiar with how the search engine works, and they will be able to devise a strategy to rank your website higher.

Strategically concentrating on rankings.

Siebeneck advises companies to aim to rank for the concept they’re promoting in their advertising by engaging in some SEO. Siebeneck also suggests they run pay-per-click advertisements to appear for some searches for which their website might not rank. The website needs to be optimized to solve the problem presented in the radio ads, banner ads, billboards, and flyers of a business. By doing this, they may create a query and then use SEO and advertising to respond to it.

Priority Networks believes that businesses can use help from marketing and SEO agencies to create ad campaigns. The same SEO team can then optimize the company websites to rank highly for the queries in Google searches.

Identifying keywords

Siebeneck observes that planting the idea of a keyword into the minds of people is also crucial in SEO. Only when users are aware of a keyword will they search for it.

Priority Networks suggests that businesses should introduce keywords or engaging search terms through their ads to motivate people to use them for Google searches. You should also optimize your website to rank well when these keywords are used.


Advertising and SEO may not be the same, but they are closely linked. Both of these processes impact each other. So, businesses need to monitor both simultaneously to boost visibility and sales. Priority Networks believes that advertising and SEO can be handled concurrently using the services of an SEO company. Professional SEO experts can design advertising campaigns that fulfill SEO needs. This can significantly contribute to the needs of the business.

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