Returning to the office after the pandemic lockdown

Returning to the office after the pandemic lockdown

Are you returning to the office after the pandemic lockdown? Are you unsure of what to do for a flawless transition for you and your employees? In today’s article, we bring your attention to the top three areas which may need attention. Data cabling, updates, and home offices for remote working will need some TLC from your professional networking company, and here at Priority Networks, we got you covered!


Data Cabling

After the lockdown, many employees returning to the office can expect a few new health and safety measures. The protocols are put in place to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment. Safety measures and practices may include low-touch common areas, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), remote collaboration tools, and of course, social distancing. The standard 2-meter spacing to assist social distancing may include how workspaces are set up. Cubicles, work areas, and desks may have to be rearranged differently to accommodate staff members safely. As workspaces are arranged accordingly, data cables may need to be rearranged or moved completely. Data cables are not as simple as removing and plugging in a wire from a power source. Installing, recognizing, or reorganizing data cabling requires extensive knowledge, experience, and skill. A professional network cabling company will comprehensively understand the appropriate cables (shielded) for compliance. A skilled network cabling company also understands the importance of strategic placement. A professional will know how to maneuver the wires to avoid physical structures and magnetic interferences. Data cables play a significant role in how your business operates on a daily basis. It is always best to call in the professionals to ensure proper installation and diagnose any potential issues. A professional networking company will immediately provide the appropriate solution and offer strategies to avoid any future problems.



Updates, including antivirus, will need to be revised. Antivirus software provides detection, prevention, and removal of viruses, including malware. Updates that are dismissed can result in compromised data. Compromised data can lead to violation of (private information) client confidentiality, financial loss or legal repercussion, and reputation impairment. It is essential to ensure your network is secure and is working optimally. Windows software patches are also necessary to update as it will correct any insufficiencies or errors regarding Windows and corresponding software. General updates should not be ignored either. Some of us may be guilty of closing the update pop-up window or choosing to click the “remind me later” tab. However, general updates are crucial for adding new features and removing features that are no longer useful. Ask your professional networking company to review your network system and ensure your software is up to date.


Home office

As a result of COVID-19, many businesses were encouraged to have their employees work from home. Many companies continue to provide work-from-home opportunities. In the beginning, with the stay-at-home order or lockdown in place, numerous employees created a makeshift office at home with very little notice. These makeshift home offices had mediocre networking capabilities, which was acceptable during the stressful occasion. Although various businesses have reopened presently, a few hesitant employees may feel comfortable in a home office setting. Therefore, as we advance, mediocre networking, software, communication tools, and tech equipment will not sustain daily business operations. Employees who continue to work from home should work on a system that acts as if in the traditional office setting. The home office network system should allow flawless communication and encourage optimal productivity. Ask the professionals at Priority Networks on the best way to create a functional home office for your employees.  


Ensure the return to the office is a smooth transition for all employees. Contact Priority Networks today!  

Massimo DeRocchis

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