Managed IT Services for Dentists

At Priority Networks Inc., we believe in putting the needs of our customers first. We specialize in providing top notch managed IT services for dentists throughout Toronto and the GTA. From installing and managing anti-malware software to performing server diagnostics, putting up firewalls, and training your staff on how to operate your systems, we’re committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction and protecting you from unexpected data breaches.

Specialized IT Managed Services for Dental Offices

Dental offices contain a lot of sensitive and private patient data including contact information, addresses, appointment bookings, billing reports, dental records, and so much more. For that reason, you need complete cybersecurity that’s in compliance with HIPAA and prevents hackers from infiltrating your system and gaining access to patient files. We provide complete and reliable managed IT services for dentists that include software installation, updates, monitoring, and streamlined technical issue resolution both onsite and remotely.

Managed IT Outsourcing for Dentists’ Offices

Outsourcing our IT services for your dental office means that you can read more of the benefits for a lower cost. Since most of our monitoring and maintenance operations will be handled remotely, you can focus more on running the in-house aspects of your clinic and leave the technical work to us. It also means that we can work remotely to resolve your IT issues without interfering with your hours of operation or slowing down your business.

Managed IT Solutions Mean Reduced Technology Costs and Downtime

Trust us to install, monitor, and manage all of your technology remotely. We can quickly diagnose and fix most technological issues without forcing you to halt your operations, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Get the Peace of Mind You Need from Our Fully Certified IT Staff

We offer a full-service proactive approach to IT monitoring and management. That means that whenever a server or malware issue arises, our team of fully certified IT experts will be immediately hard at work to resolve it, giving you total peace of mind. The benefits of this approach are that it results in minimal or no downtime for your business, we identify any issues as soon as they occur, and we’re able to administer the proper diagnostic solutions to resolve the issues quickly.

Share and Transfer Data with Confidence

Considering we specialize in managed IT services for dentists and have vast experience working in this field, we understand all of your technical needs firsthand. Dentists need to be able to safely and securely transfer and share data within an expansive network of servers including inter-office technology, sharing data with labs, and even transferring patient files to specialists. Our 24-hour IT monitoring and management services ensure that you can perform all of these tasks with confidence in knowing that your data is protected and won’t be breached.

Expert Data Security

We’ll install and manage all of your office’s data security software to ensure that none of your sensitive information is vulnerable or easily accessible to hackers by performing regular virus scans, e-mail scans, data backups, security patches, and any other measures your system requires.

Your search for “IT companies for dentists in the GTA” ends here. Priority Networks Inc. provides custom extensive dental IT services in Vaughan, Scarborough, Oakville, Barrie, and other parts of the GTA. To learn more about our services, please contact us today!