Leveraging SEO in 2022

Leveraging SEO in 2022

Priority Networks Inc weighs in on the impact of technical SEO. Google is constantly evolving therefore so should your SEO skills. Jordan brings our attention to three key points speed, responsiveness and the visual stability of a website. And Priority Networks Inc agrees. (Source: Entrepreneur, The How-To: Leveraging SEO Optimization in 2022, Jordan Parkes, October 23, 2021,

SEO efforts have increased over the past few years owing to the pandemic. Internet entrepreneur Jordan Parkes has highlighted the importance of SEO optimization by following best practices. He has highlighted critical issues related to technical SEO, mobile-friendly website, and voice search use.

Priority Networks Inc, as an SEO company, endorses his views. They are of the opinion that the issues highlighted by Parkes are significant. According to them, “Leveraging SEO services calls for paying attention to technical SEO. The issues related to speed, responsiveness, and visual stability helps to ensure a better user experience. This would help in optimizing the site in the best possible way to attract more visitors.”

The key considerations that an SEO services company need to address are the following:

Improving page speed

The time taken for a webpage to load is crucial. If it takes too long, visitors are likely to leave the page. The new Google ranking signal known as Core Web Vitals measures how fast the web pages load and looks at the page responsiveness and the visual stability. These ranking signals can decide if the website would get a higher or lower ranking. An understanding of the Google algorithm becomes essential. This is why working with a reputed SEO company becomes vital. It ensures that professionals design the website to improve page load speed and other factors.

Mobile-friendly website

It is all the more important that websites are mobile-friendly. Since 2019, Google has been indexing mobile-friendly versions of websites. In 2022, ranking becomes difficult if a website is not mobile-friendly. This is because a large majority of users today are visiting websites through their mobile phones and devices. They constitute a large majority of traffic for websites.

The statistics show that 90% of internet users visit websites from their mobile devices. This is a considerable number and cannot be ignored. Not making the website mobile-friendly can be costly. Every business needs to work towards leveraging SEO in 2022 by ensuring a responsive and mobile-friendly website.

Voice search

Voice search is not new, but Google now is using technologies like BERT and MUM. They help understand the user’s intent based on the words spoken in voice search. This makes it essential to create conversation content. It is important to choose the keywords in such a way that it aligns with the way a user would use voice search. Since more than half of the users use voice search to look for local businesses, local SEO needs to be aligned with voice search.

Priority Networks Inc is of the view that, “SEO is a complex process. SEO optimization can help a business succeed in the digital space. SEO helps in the customer quest for information directing them to web pages that meet their needs. In view of fast-changing trends, businesses need to work with the best SEO services provider. Working with professionals will help in ensuring that a business can leverage the best of SEO, leading to increased conversions and improved business prospects.”

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