Let’s Celebrate World Backup Day Together!

Let's Celebrate World Backup Day Together!

Data drives the world. Every IT services provider will vouch for this statement. To celebrate World Backup Day, which falls on the 31st of March, we will be taking some tips from Scott Gilbertson’s little backup book! Scott Gilbertson is a senior editor and writer with WIRED. With guided comments from IT support pros at Priority Networks, let us learn the importance of data backup. (Source: WIRED, How to Back Up Your Digital Life, Scott Gilbertson, September 25, 2022,  ).


Importance of data backup

As rightly put forward by Scott Gilbertson, the process of backing up your files may be boring. Still, it is the most important thing you must do to keep your business running! No one enjoys their data being leaked or lost. Priority Networks clarifies, “Small businesses like dental clinics have to earn the trust of their customers. And losing sensitive data that you have gathered from them because you did not backup devices in your workplace can prove to be a fatal blow for your business.”

Priority Networks continues, “It is also essential for clinics to have cloud network security policies in place to avoid unauthorized access to sensitive information.”

Backing up devices

Scott Gilbertson suggests having at least two sets of backups. One should be an offsite cloud backup, and the other can be a local device. Priority Networks agrees, “With cyberattacks and data theft a norm, IT support professionals highly recommend having traditional backup methods like a hard drive or an on-site server. In addition to this, a cloud-based backup helps you access your files even when you are on the go. Remember to strengthen your cloud network security by sharing access controls on a need-to-know basis.”   

Tips & tricks to never lose data

Scott Gilbertson recommends taking your backup options for a test run even before you require an actual restoration. Priority Networks feel it is a great way to ensure you never lose data, “This is a brilliant check mechanism. This exercise can judge the actual functionality of your offsite cloud backup and your on-site drives. Once you do a mock run, you will be able to figure out the issues and make the necessary changes accordingly. Whenever we take up a new client for managing their IT services, this is the first check we perform.”

Another essential tip Scott Gilbertson shares is to compile the folders you want to backup separately. You could have personal photos or one-time-use files you do not need to back up. “That’s a great way to save space on your backup devices,” say Priority Networks. They add, “IT support professionals recommend sorting out data before you back it up. For example, you need not save temporary files on your offsite cloud backup, as you will not need them in the future.”


Scott Gilbertson reiterates the importance of having multiple backup solutions in today’s times. “When running a business, you have to look after many things. However, taking up professional IT services makes it easy to focus on your expertise. You do what you do best and leave it on us to figure out backup solutions and develop cloud network security policies,” concludes Priority Networks.

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