Is HR software the future?

Is HR software the future?

Priority Networks Inc discusses the article titled, ‘Support, not surveillance: maintaining employee productivity with HR software’ by Lesley Holmes, a data protection officer at MHR. (Source: Information Age, May 4, 2022, ).

The problem with the employee monitoring software

Priority Networks Inc comments, “Due to the rise of remote and hybrid working models, employees are concerned about how productive their staff is during work hours. That said, the need for employee monitoring software has grown by 56%.”

While such software looks like a boon to employers initially, there’s also a dark side to it. The employees are under constant surveillance with the introduction of such software; they don’t have a breathing space of their own. It also implies that the employees are not trusted enough with their work responsibilities.

Priority Networks Inc infers, “This indirectly affects the employees’ work attitude and productivity. This goes against the intention of using the employee monitoring software in the first place.”

Priority Networks Inc also shares, “Using this software induces pressure on the employees’ minds. There is also a limit on scheduling their days, especially if they have added home responsibilities and can’t surrender to the 9-5 schedule.”

Further, Priority Networks Inc suggests, “Employers must find better ways to use such software so nobody feels deceived and work remains the priority.”

In order to save the employees from some pressure, the UK employee law was introduced. It encourages employers to establish transparency with their employees. The employee must be informed pre-hand about the measures of surveillance they will be subjected to in an employment contract or an employee handbook.

Priority Networks Inc states, “This will help the employee make an informed choice about their prospective employer.”

To emphasize this issue, Lesley shares a related incident that happened in Spain in 2021. Priority Networks Inc mentions, “there was this employee who was secretly monitored by a security camera. So, they filed a case against it for being mistreated. Eventually, the European Court of Human Rights helped them win the case on the grounds of morale and ethics.”

There are also cases such as the UK bank Barclays and the ‘Big Brother’ software discussed in the article. It all boils down to the same point: loss of trust, productivity, and the inability to maintain a pressure-less attitude at work for the employees.

While the problem is in the light, Lesley also offers an intelligent alternative and proposes using HR software to provide an overview of the employee’s productivity without bothering the employee.

How does HR software beats this problem?

Priority Networks Inc emphasizes how HR software bridges the workforce gap and improves connections between the employee and the higher authorities.

Priority Networks Inc shares, “HR software provides IT solutions to businesses who are looking for both automation and productivity.”

Priority Networks Inc explains, “HR software acts as an intermediary between the staff and their managers.” This helps in detecting any future problems. Further, if the staff is finding difficulty in using a tool, the managers can train them. HR software also provides IT support through seamless interfaces and interactions. Not only that, employees get access to training programs and materials, opportunities to level up their skills, etc.”

The bottom line

In conclusion, Priority Networks Inc shares, “the work culture is as important as the work. Businesses need to encourage productivity in the right manner. IT services such as HR software do just that. Instead of putting the employees’ skills and abilities in question, HR software brings positivity and growth to the table. The employee learns, reports, coordinates, and grows along the way. For businesses needing long-term value generated, investing in HR software is a much better choice than any employee monitoring software.”

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