Incorporating VoIP for your business

Incorporating VoIP for your business

Priority Networks Inc weighs in on the importance of incorporating VoIP systems. (Source: PC Mag, Why Mobile VoIP Should Be Part of Your Business Phone System, by Wayne Rash, May 21, 2020,

Communication is the most crucial component of any organization, big or small. Effective communication can make or break the aspirations of the company. That’s why having the perfect IT solutions for communication becomes crucial. Priority Networks Inc recommends the VoIP phone, also known as the IP phone system, as the ideal solution, especially for small enterprises that are showing rapid growth.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is different from traditional telecom systems in the sense that the whole communication happens over the internet. Phone signals are converted into data packets by the system. These quanta of data are transmitted over an IP network through the internet.

According to Priority Networks Inc, a good phone system should be:

1. Secure

Business conversations need to be encrypted. Access to the communication system also needs to be protected.

2. Reliable

Priority Networks Inc says that the communication system should be reliable and equipped with an easy troubleshooting mechanism. Conversations may include sensitive information; that’s why the reliability criterion is critical.

3. Consistent

The VoIP system should enable the firm to connect to the team and clients at any time, anywhere. This way, the employee’s absence doesn’t hinder the ongoing work at the office.

4. Integrated

VoIP should enable to transfer of phone calls to an extension within the corporation. Receptionists can receive calls before the management personnel. This maintains a professional environment in the virtual space as well.

5. Excellent in quality

The sound quality should become superior. The communication channel should be free from any glitches and noise.

Advantages of IP Phone Systems

Priority Networks Inc has noted that post-Covid, working from home is the new normal. The requirement for an effective communication system is higher than ever. Everyone in the organisation should be able to contact each other through a single system.

IP phone systems serve as an ideal solution by giving certain bonus perks:

Simplifies call queuing

The system automatically sorts all the individual calls into distinct queues based on the provided criteria. This feature harmonizes the whole communication process, notes Priority Networks Inc.

Customer history

VoIP ensures customer satisfaction by storing their previous queries and interactions with the company. This feature makes customer relation management efficient and hassle-free. In specific software’s’, the caller’s profile is visible on the screen even before picking up the call.

Managing missed calls

Automated messages or emails can be scheduled for missed calls. Similarly, automated calls can be included. Feedback forms and additional contact information can be provided through the phone system as well.

Call recording and con calls

VoIP phone system enables recording of calls which is helpful for training purposes. Priority Networks Inc notes that it also maintains transparency in workplace communication. Another significant feature is hosting and scheduling conference calls.

Personalized experience

Firms can give their customers a customized experience by giving them greetings and offers based on their previous VoIP interactions. This solution works well when executives are busy with other calls.

Last word

According to Priority Networks Inc, efficiency should be a priority when choosing a VoIP phone system. The systems design should be able to grow with the company. The solution should meet the specific requirements of the firm. IP phones are well suited for growing businesses. A vital feature of VoIP solutions noted by Priority Networks Inc, is that it doesn’t only facilitate the growth of the company; it grows along with it.

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