How to Optimize Your Posts

How to Optimize Your Posts

Getting your target audience to notice your brand, engage with you, and buy from you is a challenge. However, you also have various tools to reach this audience, interact with it in the perfect way and grab their attention. A sound SEO strategy helps immensely, but it needs to be grounded by some practical, smart moves. Whether you are focused on your digital marketing in SEO via your blogs through social media posts or you want to be voice-friendly, here are some things to keep in mind.


How to optimize your blog content

Blogging right helps present you as an authority in your niche while boosting your SEO quality and focus. SEO business growth happens organically when you have well-written, informative blogs that are optimized for the right key terms. Here are three uncommon tips to boost your blog SEO strategy:

Attention-grabbing title: The first thing visitors see and the aspect that decides whether they read or click out. Invoke curiosity with your blog title and prompt the visitor to read and find the answer.

How does the reader feel: Reader experience makes the difference between whether your article succeeds in prompting action or not. Organized, clearly laid out blogs with helpful information written in a direct, simple style works best. Add your keywords in headings and subheadings for better traction.

Go visual: Your audience will love it, and so will Google. Search engines do display images and videos too. Take advantage of this to place keyword-tagged visuals to convey what words can’t.

How to optimize your social media

Any SEO consulting firm worth its salt will tell you that social media is a powerful lead-generation and conversion tool. But how exactly do you approach social media digital marketing in SEO? Three unusual tips for you:

Profile optimization: Your social profile picture builds your brand, while your username creates familiarity and consistency across platforms. Use your profile with keywords to communicate to viewers what your business is about.

Optimize content: Using multiple headlines with keywords to present content makes things easier and more effective. Track what works best so you can create an effective strategy for social media digital marketing in SEO.

Time it right: Identify the active times for your audience so you maximize engagement and views for SEO business growth. Don’t blindly follow schedules followed by others. What works for their audience may not work for yours.

How to optimize for vocal search

People use voice because it is faster, easier, and allows multitasking. Leverage this to include vocal search in your SEO business growth and optimization strategy with these ideas:

Conversational keywords: What phrases and terms are your customers using when they do a voice search for your service/ product? Think of what questions they have when searching for your products and identify key phrases.

Keep it short: Solve your customer’s query with a quick answer to their question. Brevity helps in social media posts and adding keywords to the short answers positions it perfectly.

Optimize for locals: Target your customers from the neighborhood and optimize for key phrases that they may use in voice searches. A good proportion of voice searches happen via mobile when the person is on the move looking to find a place where they’ll find what they need. You must become that place.


Getting every part of this SEO strategy implemented correctly is a challenge many brands need help to take on. That’s why you need a trusty SEO consulting ally working with you, formulating plans, implementing them, and driving your business growth forward. Hiring an experienced, tried, and trusted SEO consulting firm to boost your brand reach and influence is the soundest investment you can make today in this competitive marketplace. Contact Priority Networks today for more information on implementing SEO strategies for your business.

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