How an SEO static page can help boost rankings

How an SEO static page can help boost rankings

An SEO static page is all about location

At Priority Networks, our professional SEO content writers strategically target locations; this is what is known as an SEO static page. An SEO, static page article is curated based on keywords, the topic of discussion, and location. Why is this important? Consumers research a business, product, or service based on their surrounding area. Striving for convenience, a consumer requires an easy solution to access what they are searching for. As a business owner, you want to cater to your customers’ need for convenience and provide a way to be located quickly.

Importance of SEO static pages

The truth is, it is becoming increasingly difficult to rank high on search engine results. Algorithms change like the wind, while their goal remains the same. The goal is to provide incredible user-friendly experiences and ranking the best results based on inquiry. Using locations within your content allows a search engine to provide the best solution for the consumer.

Does which location matter?

It is dependent on the location you want to target. Certain areas are highly competitive. A competitive location indicates that an existing company may be using keywords, your area regarding your industry. It is the responsibility of an SEO content writer to ensure analytic measures are put in place to achieve optimal web traffic for your business. The great thing about SEO static pages, you do not have to choose one location. You may select multiple locations, as long as you are willing to provide the product or service to that area.

What does a static page consist of?

An SEO static page consists of a few crucial components. The first component would be communicating valuable information related to the business, product, or service. The content must serve a purpose to keep the reader engaged. The content may even include some facts on the location, which has always been effective in captivating readers. Placement of the location can include titles and a few mentions within the content on the webpage or article. Overflooding an article with the location name will not do your rankings any good. In fact, it will cause the exact opposite. Using contact pages or maps are also an efficient way to incorporate location. Contact pages and maps are always valuable. A development team, along with an SEO content writer, will ensure your content will reach your audience in the best way possible.

Example of an SEO static page

Suppose you have a computer networking company in Toronto. Your customers or potential clients would research the following: “computer networking in Toronto,” “Computer networking near me,” or “closest computer networking company in my area.” The SEO static page article would be based on Toronto’s computer networking, elaborating on your business’s key elements while incorporating the location. For example, the article would read, “Looking for fantastic computer networking solutions, we at Priority Networks service the Toronto area.”

A search engine optimization static page can assist potential customers or clients in locating your business. Search engines will also immediately offer your website as a solution. Your business will benefit from adding SEO static pages to its arsenal of marketing strategies.

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