Frequently Ask Questions

Why do I need data backup and disaster recovery solutions?

The big “What if”. What if something goes wrong and your data is lost forever?
How can you put a number to that? It’s not just about the amount of time your system is down—it also concerns the time it takes to replace the files from scratch, the loss of data you can never bring back (e.g. accounting records), employee frustration and loss of productivity.

Even if you backup your data, when was the last time it was checked for accuracy?
A backup is only as good as the data that is on it. If that solution was failing during the previous year, your backup is not going to help you when you need it. You need a network professional to monitor the status of all backups to ensure its integrity.

Recovery solutions not only involve the backup itself, but the procedures needed to bring that network back if all the hardware and software is lost due to theft or fire. A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a must in all businesses. It is the road map to everything in your IT department. A DRP must include: how to rebuild the server from scratch, passwords for every device, software and online applications where the original software/online downloads are available, and information on how to obtain data on the backup solution. Without this road map, you will not know where to start if a disaster occurs.

Why does my network need regular maintenance?

Without regular maintenance your network will become overloaded with temporary files and its overall performance will drop. It’s not just about cleaning up the system so that it breathes; it also involves the maintenance of hardware and software for security and efficiency reasons. When hardware manufactures discover flaws or security breaches, they develop something called firmware updates. This is not completed automatically and nor are you informed of this mandatory upgrade. It can only be performed by a professional and, most of the time, requires special tools in order to complete the upgrade. When the security and stability of software patches are required from vendors, such as Microsoft, a download and installation is required. This and many other daily/monthly checks are critical to ensure the safety and integrity of your data and secure network. That’s why you need regular maintenance and a professional company like Priority Networks Inc. to get the job done right—before an issue arises. Be proactive instead of reactive.
What maintenance options do you offer?

Our plans fully cover your network without compromise. In all of our plans you will receive support when you need it, persistent checks for security, operating system patches and antivirus updates. We also provide additional services that include full network dust cleaning, 24-hour support and cellular phone support. No matter what plan you choose, sit back and relax because your network will be fully covered. Leave it to the experts at Priority Networks Inc.
What software and hardware do you support?

At Priority Networks Inc., our staff has the experience to support various types of software, including custom designed applications and desktop software. Furthermore, all past and present operating systems are easily supported.

Hardware components are never an issue. As long as there is a downloadable driver for the product, we have no issue installing and/or configuring your hardware to your requirements.

In terms of business network support, what services do you cover?

Our services are tailored specifically to the individual needs of our clients. Typical services include security checks on routers, firewalls and other backbone equipment, antivirus updates, operating system patches, replacement and/or hardware upgrades, computer/server cleanup, internal dust removal, 24-hour support services and much more.
Do you deal with network hacking issues?

We are here to prevent hackers from infiltrating your network. In the rare case that there is an intruder on the network, we are here to take them down. Our track record is strong and our services have been called upon to prevent and eliminate threats hackers have placed on customers. These issues are considered top priority and hackers will face the deepest penalties. Cases are reported to local authorities and all tracking data to capture the criminals will be given to the officer in charge.
Do you provide network data security?

As a new maintenance client, we will thoroughly analyze your network first. We will then create a plan to tighten network security and provide suggestions on what hardware devices are necessary to obtain to ensure the security of your data. Monthly maintenance customers receive data security checks a minimum of once a month (as well as every time we perform software or hardware upgrades to your system).
What will we get as part of your cloud hosting services?

The beauty of cloud services is that it is virtual. This means that at any time you can upgrade you hardware or software on the fly, without any downtime. Your backups will be lightning fast and you can quickly upgrade your processors, memory, storage, firewall hardware and much more. Rest assured that you’ll be backed up by our Canadian technical support staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—all year around.
Can you support all software in our business?

Our staff members have worked with all types of software—so there is nothing we have not seen before. Although the graphics may look different, we can figure it out so you don’t have to. Specialty software usually come with technical support from the software company. We work directly with the support teams so that you will never need to call them again. Let us worry about calling the software manufacturer to get the answers you need.
Do you support Mac computers and Apple devices?

We support all Apple computers and devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc.
Even if your business has a mix of PC and Apple hardware products, we will deliver optimal IT services for your company.
Do you provide web designing services?

Our staff is ready to bring your company in to the digital age. We can do everything from re-branding, logo design, website creation, graphic design, SEO, hosting services and more.
What is your troubleshooting process?

Sometimes there is more than one way to fix a problem but an experienced technician will use logic and knowledge to resolve it. All of our staff members are qualified and work as a team to quickly and efficiently address any issues.
At what time do you do cabling?

If your business does not permit cabling during the day, then that’s not a problem. We are able to schedule times after business hours or on the weekends. You choose the time and date and we will be there to complete your cabling requirements.
What are your working hours?

Our regular business hours are from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily. If you require more support, we can assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are ready to tackle any issue at any time around the clock.
Do you provide 24-hour IT support?

When you have a company that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—and your employees heavily rely on their computer systems—you need an IT company to support you when things go wrong. Our staff is ready and equipped to deal with issues around the clock.  Whenever you need us, just pick up the phone and you will speak with a real person who is ready to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.
Do you work on weekends?

Major upgrades and full network installations can take several days to complete. That is why we work weekends to make our customers feel at ease when a project needs to be completed as soon as possible. Rest assured that by Monday morning everything will be up and running properly.
What is your guarantee policy?

The most important aspect of Priority Networks Inc. is service. We want our customers to be so happy with our service that they refer us to their friends and family. If for any reason you feel that you are not satisfied with the quality of our work within 30 days after service, we will refund your money (some conditions may apply).
What are the payment methods you offer?

We accept cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard and Amex.