Factors that can impact SEO

Factors that can impact SEO

Priority Networks Inc weighs in on the top seven factors that can impact SEO.  (Source: Forbes, Seven Factors that Can Impact SEO’s ROI, Corey Morris, June 6, 2022, ).

As a technology company, we at Priority Networks Inc have always strived to provide our clients with the best possible services. However, many of our clients are skeptical about investing in digital marketing to grow their businesses. They hear about other companies not getting the expected ROI from their digital marketing efforts and feel discouraged about their prospects. However, they fail to realize that the problem may not be inherent in the strategy but in those who design or deploy it.

Our SEO team recently viewed the article discussing the issues affecting companies’ SEO, which immediately resonated with our experiences as service providers. At Priority Networks Inc, our responsibility is to educate our clients on making the most of their digital marketing strategies. To help others understand what factors influence their SEO and digital marketing efforts, view the points below.

Treat SEO as a Business Investment

We agree with the article’s basic premise that search engine optimization is an investment because it requires significant time, money, and resources to be successful. The first thing you should do when planning an SEO campaign is budget for it, so you know how much time and money you’re committing to the process. Understand that there will be victories and losses. Still, in the long run, you will reach and continue to multiply and reinvest with the correct investment partner (in-house or external).

Allocate Dedicated Resources for SEO

As mentioned in the article, we believe clients should have a dedicated SEO team for their search engine optimization strategies. SEO specialists know how to effectively target users to help them find your website when looking for certain products or services. A dedicated team ensures optimized results and happier customers, leading to increased business profits. Other resources include partners, such as ourselves here at Priority Networks Inc; we specialize in content creation and development as well as IT.

Clients Should Consider Both Hard and Soft Costs Involved in SEO

Search engine optimization requires time, money, and resources that may not be available immediately. At Priority Networks Inc, we believe it is a good practice to set aside funds for SEO specifically for this reason, so nothing is holding up the process on launch day. Both personnel and technology come at a cost. Even in-house teams may require a reasonable software budget to have the tools they need to accomplish the job. In addition, at times, traffic isn’t free; it comes with a cost in the form of ads or sponsored posts. As mentioned in the article, it is essential to consider quality over quantity and factor in hard and soft costs.

Businesses Must First Understand the Fundamentals of SEO

We at Priority Networks Inc agree with the article’s argument favoring that clients should understand basic SEO. In fact, at Priority Networks Inc, we recommend our clients’ business executives become, at the very least, familiar with 101-level materials on SEO before approaching outside agencies. These resources are available on Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, or Google. It is also critical that companies know their audience to provide insight, allowing our SEO team to create content that matches their needs. This will help them develop more successful marketing campaigns and improve their company’s reputation online.

Participate in the Digital Marketing Process for Your Business

The article correctly states that search engine optimization requires an ongoing commitment to measurable results. Failure to do so will result in wasted time and resources. For example, you must measure the success of your SEO campaign regularly instead of depending on outside agencies. This will require you to monitor search results, competitors’ websites, and social media pages. In addition, you must track which keywords your company ranks for, so you can adjust your content accordingly.

Have Reasonable Expectations from Your SEO and Digital Marketing Efforts

Businesses must set reasonable expectations when engaging in an SEO campaign because many factors can affect its success. In addition, we at Priority Networks Inc included three more points. First, it is essential to know that SEO is a long game that requires business patience and dedication. Second, it is necessary to know your monthly expectations and what you can realistically expect from providers each month. Third, companies must learn how to evaluate their progress regularly to adjust their goals as needed throughout their campaign’s lifespan. Businesses must consider all three factors when determining how much time and money they should invest in their SEO campaigns.

Your Team Have the Right to be Concerned About the Business ROI from SEO

The article rightly points out that clients have the right to be concerned about the performance of their SEO strategies implemented by service providers such as Priority Networks Inc. However, when evaluating SEO service providers’ success rates, businesses must note how much experience the providers have in the field when setting expectations for returns from their investments. Any reasonable expectation would be based on how long the providers have been in business. It is also crucial for companies to understand that performance can vary depending on how much research was done before initiating their campaign with providers. The more research done before starting an SEO campaign, the more the failure rates are minimized.

As digital marketing service providers with many years of experience, Priority Networks Inc concludes that SEO services work best when approached from an investment perspective.

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