Do You Need SEO?

Do You Need SEO?

In today’s fast-paced world, online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are quite essential for every business to grow. It helps with increasing the visibility of your website, attracting more clients, and growing sales. SEO is said to be the most effective way to improve your website’s ranking on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

There’s no denial to the fact that businesses are turning to SEO to improve their online presence and beating their rivals. In this digital era, business SEO is helping people rise above their competition.

This article outlines the importance of online marketing and SEO for dental practices. It will be divided into three classifications: a new business/practice, a company going through rebranding, and an existing business that wants to increase its marketing and sales.


You are a new business or practice

You may wonder if SEO is necessary if you are new in the dental practice/business. Well, the answer is yes. New businesses need a customized SEO strategy to build a strong online presence to attract new clients. Without SEO, your potential clients may not even know about the existence of your business. So, to be known to your target audience and potential customers, you need to opt for business SEO for your dental practice clinic.

How to determine that you need SEO?

There are several indicators that your business is in need of online marketing and SEO. If your business website is not ranking on the first page of search engines, you’re losing out on potential clients. All your potential clients will be visiting the dentists they find on the top of SERPs. So, if you’re not on the top and your website traffic is low, you need to take help from an SEO professional. There’s a chance that your website is not optimized for mobile devices. SEO can help you with that too.

Advantages of SEO for new businesses

SEO offers a bunch of benefits to new businesses:

  1. It helps increase your website’s online visibility, making it easier for potential clients to find your business.
  2. SEO can improve your website’s user experience, allowing potential clients to navigate it easily and find what they need.
  3. Ranking higher on search engines through SEO strategies can increase your business’s credibility, leading to more trust from potential clients and potentially more conversions compared to your competitors.

Your company has gone through a rebranding

Companies often go through changes and experiments to grow their business SEO. When a company rebrands in any way, it should prioritize SEO. Rebranding can include changes in the business name, logo, website design, and more. These things can change your rankings on the SERPs. So, make sure to consider SEO during this phase.

Why is SEO important during rebranding?

When a company is going through the rebranding process, it is essential to update its website and optimize for search engines. Any failure in doing that can negatively impact your website’s performance, which can, in turn, lead to a loss of traffic and potential clients. By incorporating SEO during the rebranding process, businesses can make sure that they don’t experience any drop in their rankings.

Advantages of SEO during a rebranding

Incorporating online marketing and SEO during rebranding can offer several advantages:

  1. It helps businesses retain their website’s SEO performance, preventing any traffic loss.
  2. SEO can increase the new brand’s visibility, making it easier for potential clients to find them.
  3. SEO can also improve the user experience of the new website, allowing potential clients to navigate it easily and find the information they need.

An existing business that wants to level up

SEO can be a game-changer for an existing business that wants to take its online presence to the next level. SEO strategies can optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results pages. By doing so, you can increase traffic to your site, improve brand visibility, and ultimately increase sales.

Why is SEO important for an existing business?

SEO helps you maintain a healthy relationship with your loyal clients or customers while also establishing trust with new audiences. By consistently appearing in SERPs for all the relevant queries, you prove to potential customers that you are a reputable and reliable business with a solid online presence. This, in turn, leads to increased website traffic, more leads, and ultimately more sales.

Advantages of SEO for existing business

If you’re an existing business that wants to level up, investing in online marketing and SEO is a smart move. You can increase brand visibility, maintain relationships with existing customers, and establish trust with new audiences by optimizing your site for search engines.


In conclusion, whether you’re a new business just starting out or an existing business looking to level up, SEO is crucial to establish an effective and successful online presence. You can increase traffic, improve brand visibility, and ultimately increase sales by optimizing your site for search engines. While SEO can be a complex and ever-changing field, the benefits are clear. Investing in online marketing and SEO is a smart move.

Massimo DeRocchis

My life has been surrounded with computers since I was a child, from my first job as a Computer Assembly Assistant to the current ownership of Priority Networks, a dental focused networking company. Starting with an Apple computer connecting to other networks when I was only 13 years old, I quickly knew this passion would lead to bigger ventures. As the internet started to evolve, I immediately worked for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This gave me insight to the power of worldwide internet communications and the capabilities of sharing data across multiple networks simultaneously. The dedication towards this field has given me the advantage of understanding new technologies and grasping complicated issues quickly from software, hardware, networking, security, management and much more. As a Computer Network Manager for Tesma International, a division of Magna International, I gained the experience of becoming a qualified NAI Network Sniffer, EDI Communications Specialist, Head Securities Manager, MRP Manufacturing Integration Manager, and received several enhanced managerial and technological training courses. Moving forward to today, I apply all my knowledge, training and years of solid network experience to deliver the very best support to all my customers at Priority Networks.