Dental Software Support in Barrie

In this day and age, it’s a lot easier for dental practices to go completely paperless than it’s ever been before. The days of handwriting notes in patient files, having your office administrator take dictation, and having to transcribe patient files are gone. For the most part, office tasks have become simplified through technological automation, and inter-office communications have seen vast improvements thanks to advanced remote and onsite IT management. In addition to greater office proficiency, Priority Networks Inc. offers extensive dental software support in Barrie.

Benefits of Using Dental Practice Software

Improved Schedule Management

Managing patient appointments and office scheduling is one of the most important tasks involved in running a successful dental office. In fact, a large portion of your office’s workflow efficiency depends on maintaining an organized schedule. Advanced dental office software allows you to keep track of all appointments, treatments, and staff schedules so that you can stay organized and efficiently run your practice.

Treatment Planning

Each patient requires a certain type of treatment; some are more serious than others. Using the latest dental software in your dental office allows you to accurately plan, track, and schedule specific treatments for patients as needed. You can also use voice-automated features to conveniently make note of special requirements for each patient in their files. Best of all, innovations in this software have made accessing patient files easier than ever. Rather than having to sift through endless documents, you can now locate exact treatment plans and even patient history with the simple click of a few buttons.

Improved Patient Experiences

Modern dental software can improve office efficiency, workflow, and communication with patients tremendously. This technology gives you a unique digital platform to communicate with your patients and have them respond in real-time and vice versa. Whether you’re sending automated appointment reminders, valuable information about treatments, or sending invoices, automatically performing these tasks saves your administrative staff a great deal of time that they can allocate to other duties.

Consultation on Software Is Required

Software upgrades, updates, and training will be required from time to time. When that time comes, it helps to have an experienced IT support team in Barrie working for you. Whether you prefer to schedule in-person or virtual consultations, our team of technical experts is available to answer all of your questions and perform product demonstrations.


Another benefit of installing advanced dental software for your practice is that you can keep digital charts of all of your patient files. Digital charts are far more detailed, organized, as well as easier to update and locate in your online filing system than keeping track of handwritten files. There’s so much that can go wrong with handwritten files—from poor penmanship of office staff to getting lost or accidentally thrown out. Switching to digital charts improves efficiency in your office and makes it easier for you to quickly answer patients’ questions.

Digital Billing

Dental software also makes billing patients for services rendered a lot easier. You can automatically send digital invoices to patients and insurance companies via EDI and store backup copies in your secure cloud-based system.

Networking Solutions in Barrie

Looking for IT support for your dental office in Barrie? Look no further than Priority Networks Inc. We provide custom tailored networking solutions to help dental offices improve their daily practices, increase efficiency, and boost profitability. Contact us today to learn more.