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Benefits of Migrating Your Dental Clinic to Microsoft Windows 10

Benefits of Migrating Your Dental Clinic to Microsoft Windows 10

windows 10 migrationIf your dental clinic is still using Microsoft’s Windows 7, your entire network is at risk. That’s because Microsoft stopped providing security updates on Tuesday, January 14. And that means computers using Windows 7 are vulnerable to malware, cyberattacks, and ransomware.

Dental offices that want to protect their networks and valuable client information need to upgrade to Windows 10. There are lots of benefits to migrating to Windows 10. We’ve outlined five of the most important benefits to upgrading to the Windows 10 operating system below.


The first users of Windows 7 or Windows 8 will notice when using Windows 10 is the improvement in operating speed. Thanks to a streamlined start-up, Windows 10 is incredibly fast, even faster than Macintosh.


Improvement on Windows 10 has resulted in a much better user experience, which enhances both functionality and, most importantly, usability. First, Windows 10 returns with its popular start button. The small button, that is actually the Windows logo and is fond at the bottom left end of the Taskbar, expands to a much larger tile portal to display the Start menu or the Start screen. The start button gives users better control, updates, better graphics, and brings simplicity to the design.

Second, Windows 10 also has touchscreen functionality. Most of the way we communicate on smartphones and tablets is done through touch: tap, scroll, drag, pinch, etc. The Windows 10 touch functionality allows users to use this experience, which was once available only on mobile devices, on their desktops and laptops.


Windows 10 features anti-ransomware that protects your network from cyberattacks, spyware, and phishing attacks. In the early days of computers, cyberattacks weren’t very sophisticated, so a network could protect itself with one tool or feature. That’s not the case anymore.

To protect against malware, Secure Boot kicks in automatically when your computer boots up, making sure it only uses firmware trusted by Microsoft. In addition to Secure Boot, Windows 10 also provides key security features including Device Guard, Windows Hello, and Microsoft Passport.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

For those who spend hours in front of a computer screen, keyboard shorts can make life a lot easier. Windows 10 comes with many new shortcuts (key combinations) that help you get things done without having to use a mouse.

New shortcuts on Windows 10 include opening task view, switching to a recent window, snapping windows together, creating a virtual desktop, switching between virtual desktops, capturing a screenshot, opening Cortana voice assistant, and many more.

Memorizing all 50 of the shortcut functions can be daunting, but no one needs to know every shortcut. Learning the ones you use most often is a great way to enhance your Windows 10 experience.

Scheduled Restarts

Nothing can ruin the flow of your workday like a system update. In addition to being time-consuming, in many cases, you can’t even use your computer until the update has been installed. And once it is done, it requires a lengthy restart.

Windows 10 allows users to choose a custom update and restart time. All you need to do is go to the Start menu and open Settings, go to Updates and Recovery > Windows Update and choose a custom restart time.

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