Benefits of an SEO press release

Benefits of an SEO press release

A press release is a commentary on another piece of content related to your industry. As a commentator, you are broadcasting your personal insight, expertise, offering statements, and reviews to your target audience. Your consumers are expecting honesty, which will lead to solidifying their trust.

The internet has brought multiple avenues of how information is received. From social media, blogs, articles, video, etc., we turn to the industry professionals instead of the news or other marketing techniques for honest reviews. Consumers who trust your brand value your opinion. It is their way of connecting with you on topics that interest them most.


Benefits of a press release

You have a chance to connect with your audience, and your audience has an opportunity to interact with you. The credibility and trust you build with your consumers is an essential part of a growing business. The stronger the relationship with your audience, the better chance you have at increasing conversion rate optimization. CRO is the action in which a consumer will sign up for newsletters, create a user account, request a quote, and purchase a product or service.

A press release is also a great way to interact with your social network. For example, perhaps a leader in your industry has posted an article. If your SEO press release article does well, it may get the attention of the industry leader. Therefore, opening doors to business opportunities.

By sharing your thoughts or concerns on the topic of discussion, readers who search the highlighted topic will find your review. Suppose your industry leader has a broad audience. Their audience may begin to look to you for your opinions and perhaps be interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, expanding brand awareness and growing your audience base.


How to choose articles

If you plan to research articles on your own, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing to note is to always keep your target audience in mind. What you may find interesting instead of what your target audience will find intriguing may be vastly different. Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes and gravitate towards articles that will most appeal to your audience. Secondly, keep in mind you do not have to agree with the article; your response can be positive, negative, both, or undecided. Your opinion will be viewed regardless and will be considered as web traffic. Lastly, when choosing an article, make sure the source is reputable, ensure the source of information is trustworthy not only for you but also for the readers. With so much information on the internet, you want to be able to comment and share your opinions based on real information, not “fake news.”

If you have decided to work with a Search Engine Optimization team, an SEO content writer will do all the work for you. They will scour the media and find the articles that best suit your target audience and your industry. An SEO content writer will also comment on your behalf, understanding your message you would like to get across.

At Priority Networks, we recognize the importance of an SEO press release article. Therefore, we have included SEO press releases as part of a well-rounded package for all your SEO needs. Call us today for more information.

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