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3 Things to Consider when Upgrading Your Business to Windows 10

3 Things to Consider when Upgrading Your Business to Windows 10

windows 10 migrationAs of Tuesday, January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting computers running Windows 7. That move has affected millions of computers and dental clinic networks. In fact, roughly half of all small- and medium-sized businesses still use Windows XP and Windows 7.

What does that mean for dental clinics? It means your network won’t receive any more software updates, including software patches that can prevent cyberattacks. Your network can still run using Windows 7, but not optimally. Without continued software and security updates your entire network, which includes sensitive customer information, is at risk of viruses and malware.

That’s why it’s imperative that your dental clinic migrates to the Windows 10 update. For those dental offices that haven’t started the migration process to Windows 10, here are three things dental clinics need to consider when upgrading a network to Windows 10.

Get the Right Team

It’s not difficult to find a team of people willing to help your dental clinic migrate your network to Windows 10. Finding the right people that understand all the nuances of working with the specialized network needed to operate a dental clinic is, though.

When it comes to dental computer and network upgrades, only use professionals who understand the dental industry, particularly those who know what’s needed to make your practice run fast, efficient, and most importantly, securely.

Assess What You Have

There’s more to migrating to the Windows 10 operating system than simply installing new hardware. Before upgrading to Windows 10, you need to run a complete audit on your current IT system, infrastructure, and applications. Identifying which machines are still using Windows 7 will give you a complete picture of the scale of the project.

An assessment will also determine whether there are any potential compatibility issues with moving the network to Windows 10. It will also help streamline network hardware. How? Your business could be using older PCs that are hindering productivity. After all, having just one computer using Windows 7 puts your entire dental clinic at risk for cyberattacks.

Conduct Testing, Run Pilots, and Collect Feedback

Before upgrading your entire network to Windows 10, you should carry out a test on a few devices. This will help reveal any potential challenges that could hinder your dental practice.  The devices selected to be tested and the upgrade itself should be tested by both IT personnel and dental clinic employees. This helps ensure any potential issues can be accurately accessed and resolved, before upgrading the entire network.

Once this testing is complete, the dental IT professionals can implement a large-scale upgrade to Windows 10.

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