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8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Migrate to Windows 10

Microsoft first launched Windows 7 in the summer of 2009. That’s a lifetime ago in the world of computer software. Since then, Windows 10 has evolved into a safer, faster, more user-friendly, efficient operating system. After providing 10 years of product support, Microsoft announced that it will be ending all technical assistance and security updates […]


The Importance of Regular IT Maintenance for Your Dental Clinic

Having your dental clinic’s IT system maintained on a regular basis ensures that your entire network is running optimally and smoothly. Regular dental IT computer support also means your network is less likely to break down, which can significantly impede a clinic’s performance. And chances are good that your dental clinic’s network needs IT maintenance. […]


3 Signs That Your Dental Clinic Should Consider Hiring an IT Managed Service

Owning and operating a successful dental practice takes a lot of work. While you focus on providing your patients with excellent oral health care, it can be easy to forget about vital day-to-day operations in your office. Outsourcing your dental IT managed services ensures your dental practice runs fast and efficiently. It also allows you […]


4 Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs Dental IT Support

Engaged, knowledgeable employees are the face of a dental clinic, but technology is the backbone. Whether it’s used for intraoral cameras and x-ray scanners or maintaining patient records, the unique technology used in dentistry helps make dental practices more productive and efficient. Unfortunately, the world of dental technology is always evolving. That’s why it’s imperative […]


7 Myths about IT Managed Service Providers Busted

Considering the heightened security risks that have infiltrated the technological industry in recent years, having comprehensive IT managed services for your dental office in the GTA is crucial now more than ever. Hackers are getting increasingly better at surpassing security codes and other measures, which means that your vulnerable patient files are at risk. Naturally, […]


Things to Consider before Hiring an IT Support Service for Dentists

Healthcare—particularly the dental industry—is one of the most vulnerable industries when it comes to cybersecurity. After all, dental offices keep a lot of sensitive information on file including billing addresses, insurance information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and so much more. A breach of security could easily wreak havoc on any dental office. That’s why you […]


The Importance of IT Support for Your Dental Practice

Dental offices in Toronto and the GTA need reliable IT support and maintenance to ensure that all of the sensitive patient and employee information stored in their computer databases is kept safe and secure at all times. IT support for dental offices in Vaughan can help improve overall office productivity, reduce operational costs, boost information […]


5 Ways Your Dental Practice Can Benefit from Cloud Backup Storage

Keeping your patients’ dental records safe and secure is just as important as advising them on how to maintain proper oral hygiene and health. That’s why cloud-based backup software for dental practices have been making such big waves in the industry. Many dentists only perform local backups, which not only takes up more time and […]


Things to Consider when Choosing a Dental Practice Management Software

Choosing the right dental practice management software for your practice can be overwhelming and stressful. After all, there’s a lot that you have to take into consideration from functionality to office integration and even the level of IT support you need. Weighing your options carefully and closely evaluating the specific demands and operations of your […]