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To deliver exceptional service using professional expertise and skill creating the best network experience for all our dental practice customers.

Network Consultation

Have a network project in mind and need professional consultation?  Let the pros at Priority Networks give you insight on how to achieve your network goals with cost effective solutions.

Cost Effective Solutions

Bringing the latest most secure hardware solutions at cost effective and competitive pricing.


We are always looking for qualified technicians with a passion for networks and most importantly a trustworthy relationship that our customers will admire.

Technology partners

Striving to become the highest-level supplier to every major hardware supplier giving the customer the best price and solution for their company.

Free Network Assessment

Free, no obligation, professional network evaluation. We will assess your network and let you know where you stand and what is needed to make your Dental IT network flourish.

Dental SEO

Unlock the potential of SEO and attract new clients to your dental practice.

Dental SEO can help dental practices increase online visibility and attract more patients through search engine results. It can also help target specific dental services, geographic locations, and patient demographics, leading to more qualified leads and potential patients.


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Have a question about how to update your network or if your data is secure?

Free Consultation

Call us today for a no obligation, free assessment or consultation.

Slow network speeds can happen for several reasons. From cabling issues to low-performing network switches to inadequate hardware to viruses. Having a professional dental IT company perform a network assessment will reveal any issues with your network. They will recommend cost-effective solutions to make your network stream fast and efficient with security. Call us today for a free, no-obligation network assessment.

There are many aspects that can make cloud backup solutions secure.  A few things to consider are a network UTM (A Unified Threat Management) unit that watches all information flowing in and out of your network. If it detects threats it immediately blocks them immediately.  Followed by encryption.  Your cloud solution should have high level encryption. Priority Networks use 256 military grade encryption that creates a secure tunnel between the cloud and the device you are backing up.  For more information on cloud security please contact us for a free consultation. 

Protecting your data starts with network components that secure your network from hackers or malicious software.  UTM’s and antivirus are excellent stating points but not everything you need to lock down your network and secure it.  Proper network maintenance is a critical component and a necessity to protect your data having all security holes in Microsoft and Anti-Virus Engines up to date.  Call us today for a free, no obligation security evaluation. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Each search engine has different requirements for companies to list at the top of a keyword search.  Meeting all the requirements will help you place organically in search results and help you chances of being seen.  Contact our SEO team to get a free evaluation of your site and strategies to get on top of the competition.

The right dental IT company will always be proactive to minimize any issue. Service is always the most crucial aspect, as you want a company that your can rely on and have the expertise and resources to handle your problem promptly and efficiently. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

We are not just an IT company,

We are Dental IT Specialists.

Welcome to Priority Networks, your dental IT specialists. We understand that choosing the right IT company to manage your dental practice is crucial to ensure the stability and security of your computer network. As a dental-specialized IT company, we are here to keep your patient data safe and secure from outside threats while giving you the support you need to keep your office up-to-date and flowing smoothly.

We know dental offices have unique technology needs, so we focus specifically on the dental industry. Our team of experts is well-versed in supporting network-attached devices like intraoral cameras, x-ray scanners, and more. We are committed to providing unique and exceptional services to ensure your practice runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on your patients.

With our proactive maintenance service, your practice is always up to date. We take care of everything your practice needs to be secure, efficient, and fast. This includes servers, operatory workstations, admin computers, routers, unified threat management devices, remote connectivity, and more. Our 24/7 network monitoring ensures your practice runs smoothly and any issue is resolved quickly.

Our team understands the critical nature of software solutions used in the dental industry, such as AbelDent and Dentrix. We ensure that your software is running flawlessly every second of the day. We’ve got you covered, from fee guide updates to software version upgrades. We perform these services on weekends to ensure no downtime during your practice’s operating hours.

At Priority Networks, we take pride in our services and are confident in our ability to support your dental practice. We are the IT company many dental offices already trust with their technology needs. We’re ready to help your practice, too. We have many satisfied clients who can attest to our expertise and professionalism.

Don’t wait any longer; schedule a free consultation with us today. Our team of dental IT specialists is ready to provide you with the quality and reliable support you need, allowing you to concentrate on your patients and leave the technology to us. Trust Priority Networks to ensure that your dental practice’s IT needs are a top priority.

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